This is my account - Joebeur

The big loss you see at the end of December-13 is me trying some higher risk. That did not work out well. I have learned my lesson and will not do that again.

You can copy ALL my trading activity by opening an account here.

A bit of History. I registered on eToro a while back (in 2011 I believe) and did so to try out their CopyTrader feature (the ability to copy any other trader on the network). In the mean time, I was (and still am) trading completely on my own, on other plateforms (since 2005). While this eToro activity has yielded some fair results, the experience was even more invaluable.
In February-14 I decided it was time for me to take the lead back on my account and dramatically reduce my copying activity.

My Strategy

I have decided to arrange my strategy around copiers. While making money for myself, I want to attrack and retain copier.

Here are my goals:

  1. Make good, realistic and consistent profits (have my account grow at fairly good pace)
  2. Get as many copiers as possible
  3. Keep my copiers (by making them happy)

Let me make one thing very clear, I profit from having copiers. BUT/AND I profit EVEN MORE when my copiers stay! This means that all my goals are compatible and rooting for the same result, no conflict of interest here!

Why me?

Thanks to my deep knowledge of how CopyTrader works on eToro, I am able to precisely mitigate risk in my account. Why is this good for my copiers? Because by adjusting the amount of money they allocate to copy me, they are in essence choosing a risk level.

I am not going to get into the details of how this works, just have a look at the following table:

$ allocated very low risk low risk medium risk high risk
$ 100 100% 0% 0% 0%
$ 325 76% 24% 0% 0%
$ 650 68% 21% 11% 0%
$ 1300 65% 20% 10% 5%


Of course there are not good profits without risk and little risk means little profits, but like that you can decide yourself!

Also, you can go check-out these accounts below, they are already copying me!

How to start?

Up for it? Well, then head over there , and click 'COPY'! DO NOT COPY 'ALL OPEN TRADES'!!
(Of course I am available on that very same page above for any question your might have!)